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Equations: An equation in mathematics or physics is a statement that two expressions are equal. It is written using the equals sign (=). For example, 2+3=5 is an equation in mathematics, and F=ma is an equation in physics. Equations also describe the laws of nature. The reason is that causes and effects do not occur in equations. See also Causes, Effects, Natural laws.
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Gottlob Frege on Equations - Dictionary of Arguments

II 29
Equation/language/assertion/Frege: the linguistic form of the equations is a declarative sentence. It contains the sense of a thought, e.g. 4 is the meaning of the expression 2 + 2, London is the meaning of the expression England’s capital.
, >Sentence, >Function, >Predication.
II 68
Equation/Frege: an equation is reversible ("is" is taken here as a mathematical equal sign). On the other hand: predication is irreversible, e.g. the Venus is nothing but the morning star. Falling under a concept: is not reversible -(> copula), >Symmetry, >Identity, >Equal sign.

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