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Stephen Omohundro on Goals - Dictionary of Arguments

Bostrom I 349
Goals/superintelligence/Omohundro/Bostrom: Omohundro argues that all advanced AI systems are likely to exhibit a number of “basic drives,” by which he means “tendencies which will be present unless explicitly counteracted.”(1,2)
I 350
BostromVsOmohundro: The term “AI drive” has the advantage of being short and evocative, but it has the disadvantage of suggesting that the instrumental goals to which it refers influence the AI’s decision-making in the same way as psychological drives influence human decision-making, i.e. via a kind of phenomenological tug on our ego which our willpower may occasionally succeed in resisting. That connotation is unhelpful.
Bostrom: Our treatment here also differs from that of Omohundro in some other more substantial ways, although the underlying idea is the same. (See also Chalmers [2010](3) and Omohundro [2012](4).) >Motivation/superintelligence/Bostrom, >Values/superintelligence/Bostrom, >Control/superintelligence/Bostrom, >Goals/Bostrom.

1. Omohundro, Stephen M. 2007. “The Nature of Self-Improving Artificial Intelligence.” Paper presented at Singularity Summit 2007, San Francisco, CA, September 8–9.
2. Omohundro, Stephen M. 2008. “The Basic AI Drives.” In Artificial General Intelligence 2008: Proceedings of the First AGI Conference, edited by Pei Wang, Ben Goertzel, and Stan Franklin, 483–92. Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications 171. Amsterdam: IOS.
3. Chalmers, David John. 2010. “The Singularity: A Philosophical Analysis.” Journal of Consciousness Studies 17 (9–10): 7–65.
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Omohundro, Stephen
Bostrom I
Nick Bostrom
Superintelligence. Paths, Dangers, Strategies Oxford: Oxford University Press 2017

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