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Correspondence Theory: truth as correspondence of statements with objects resp. situations in the world. The correspondence theory is a thesis about truth, not about the world. See also mapping relation, representation, picture theory, coherence theory

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Alfred Jules Ayer on Correspondence Theory - Dictionary of Arguments

1 291
VsCorrespondence Theory: privileging log sentences as basis sentences is a mistake, because it is falsely tacitly assumed that basis sentences stated facts. >Facts, >Statements, >Sentences.
I 293 f
AyerVsCorrespondence Theory/AyerVsWittgenstein: E.g. Map: assumption of structural similarity missed - otherwise, a map with the correct scale could be from a different country - E.g. a very similar photograph could be of someone else - there has to be a convention - physical correspondence only correct if it is chosen as method of representation - Convention decides what signs represent - fact about what is true. >Map example.
I 295
Map/Ayer: may be considered as a kind of proposition - it expresses something by physically corresponding - truth by fulfilling this statement function - but not by the fact that we choose one or the other method to determine what the function is.
I 296f
AyerVsCorrespondence Theory: confuses the question of the conventionality of the symbol system with the question of the truth of what is symbolized. >cf. >Coherence theory.

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