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Peter Norvig on Artificial General Intelligence - Dictionary of Arguments

Norvig I 27
Artificial general intelligence/Norvig/Russell: Artificial General Intelligence or AGI (Goertzel and
Pennachin, 2007)(1), (…) held its first conference and organized the Journal of Artificial General
Intelligence in 2008.
AGI looks for a universal algorithm for learning and acting in any environment, and has its roots in the work of Ray Solomonoff (1964)(2), one of the attendees of the original 1956 Dartmouth conference. Guaranteeing that what we create is really Friendly AI is also a concern (Yudkowsky, 2008(3); Omohundro, 2008)(4). >Human Level AI/Minsky; >Artificial general intelligence.

1. Goertzel, B. and Pennachin, C. (2007). Artificial General Intelligence. Springer
2. Solomonoff, R. J. (1964). A formal theory of inductive inference. Information and Control, 7, 1–22,
3. Yudkowsky, E. (2008). Artificial intelligence as a positive and negative factor in global risk. In Bostrom, N. and Cirkovic, M. (Eds.), Global Catastrophic Risk. Oxford University Press
4. Omohundro, S. (2008). The basic AI drives. In AGI-08 Workshop on the Sociocultural, Ethical and
Futurological Implications of Artificial Intelligence

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Norvig I
Peter Norvig
Stuart J. Russell
Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach Upper Saddle River, NJ 2010

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