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Process/Flux, philosophy: is a process of change that is restricted by natural law or by human planning or technical devices. It is the antonym to object. See also flux, change, movement, condition, process ontology, events, programs, mereology.

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AI Research on Process/Flux - Dictionary of Arguments

Norvig I 447
Process/AI research/Norvig/Russell: events with the property of having (temporal) subintervals are called process categories or liquid event categories.
Norvig I 448
Time intervals:

Moments: have a duration 0 seconds:
Partition({Moments,Extended Intervals}, Intervals)
I ∈ Moments ⇔ Duration(i) = Seconds(0) .

Durations: Interval (i) ⇒ Duration(i) = (Time(End(i)) − Time(Begin(i))) .

>Ontology/AI research, >Categories/AI research, >Objects/AI research, >Events/Philosophical theories.

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AI Research
Norvig I
Peter Norvig
Stuart J. Russell
Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach Upper Saddle River, NJ 2010

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