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Radical interpretation, philosophy: is an expression for a family of thought experiments, which has the object of the translation of a completely foreign language into the language of the interpreter, which the interpreter does not understand at all. See also translation, indeterminacy, Gavagai.

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Anita Avramides on Radical Interpretation - Dictionary of Arguments

I 90
radical interpretation/ RI / r.i./Davidson / Avramides: going on gradually, but from the beginning one needs assumptions about beliefs and about the meaning of utterances.
I 93
RI / asymmetry / Avramides: from the perspective of radical interpretation, there is no asymmetry between the psychological and the semantic side.
I 93
Grice / Avramides: trying to understand meaning ((s) the concept of meaning) - RI: trying to understand speaker (communication) - Grice initially not interested in the realization of communication.
I 96
RI / Avramides: from her point of view there is an epistemic symmetry between the semantic and the psychological - unlike Grice s theory of meaning

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Avr I
A. Avramides
Meaning and Mind Boston 1989

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