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Paul Ricoeur on Literature - Dictionary of Arguments

II 27
Literature/Ricoeur: [When] is human thought directly brought to writing without the intermediary'stage of spoken language[,] [t]hen writing takes the place of speaking. A kind of short-cut occurs between the meaning of discourse and the material medium.
II 29
The best way to measure the extent of this substitution is to look at the range of changes which occur among the other components of the communication process. >Media/Ricoeur, >Writing/Ricoeur.
II 31
Message/Hearer: At the opposite end of the communication chain the relation of the textual message to the reader is no less complex than is the relation to the author. [The] universaliziaton of the audience is one of the more striking effects of writing and may be expressed in terms of a paradox. Because discourse is now linked to a material support, it becomes more spiritual in the sense that it is liberated from the narrowness of the face-to-face situation.
A work also creates its public. In this way it enlarges the circle of communication and properly initates new modes of communication. To that extent, the recognition of the work by the audience created by the work is an unpredictable event.
times projected into a cloudy future. It is part of the meaning of a text to be open to an indefinite number of readers and,
II 32
therefore, of interpretations. This opportunity for multiple readings is the dialectical counterpart of the semantic autonomy of the text. It follows that the problem of the appropria tion of the mean-
ing of the text becomes as paradoxical as that of the authorship. The right of the reader and the right of the text converge in an important struggle that generates the whole dynamic of interpretation. Hermeneutics begins where dialogue ends. >Hermeneutics/Ricoeur, >Code/Literature/Ricoeur.

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Ricoeur I
Paul Ricoeur
De L’interprétation. Essai sur Sigmund Freud
German Edition:
Die Interpretation. Ein Versuch über Freud Frankfurt/M. 1999

Ricoeur II
Paul Ricoeur
Interpretation theory: discourse and the surplus of meaning Fort Worth 1976

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