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Giambattista Vico on Humanism - Dictionary of Arguments

Gadamer I 25
Humanism/Vico/Gadamer: G. Vico's text De nostri temporis studiorum ratione(1) is a defence of humanism, mediated by Jesuit pedagogy, and is directed as much against Jansenism as it is against Descartes. (VicoVsDescartes, VicoVsJansenism).
This pedagogical manifesto of Vico, like his draft of a "new science", is based on old truths. He therefore refers to the >sensus communis, the communal sense, and to the humanistic ideal of eloquentia, moments that were already present in the ancient concept of the wise man. "Speaking well" (eu legein) has always been an ambiguous formula in itself and by no means a mere rhetorical ideal. It also means saying the right thing, that is, the true thing, not just the art of speaking, the art of saying something well.
Rhetoric/Vico/Gadamer: It is well known that in ancient times this ideal was proclaimed by the teachers of philosophy as much as by those of rhetoric. Rhetoric has always been at odds with philosophy and claimed to convey the true wisdom of life to the idle speculations of the "sophists. Vico, who was himself a teacher of rhetoric, is thus part of a humanistic tradition that dates back to antiquity.
Humanities/Vico/Gadamer: Obviously this tradition is also important for the self-conception of the humanities, and in particular the positive ambiguity of
rhetorical ideal, which is not only under the verdict of Plato, but also under the verdict of the anti-rhetorical methodologism of modern times. >Sensus communis/Vico.

1 .J. B. Vico, De nostri temporis studiorum ratione, mit Übertragung v. W. F. Otto. 1947.

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Giambattista Vico
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