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Sentences: sentences are linguistic forms for expressing existent or non-existent issues of conditions, wishes, questions or commands. Statements can be true or false, unlike other forms of sentences like questions or single words. See also subsentential, truth, statements.

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Peter Geach on Sentences - Dictionary of Arguments

I 204
Sentence/name/abbreviation/substitute/proxy/Geach: e.g. if "P" and "Q" are abbreviations of sentences and "A" and "B", the respective names of these sentences, then we could have a convention, by which
"A > B"
is the name (abbreviation) of the sentence
"P > Q".
>Name of a sentence, >Level/Order, >Names, >Descriptions.
Autonymous/Carnap: the symbol ">" in "A > B", is used as a sign of itself, autonymous. - (Geach per)
>Logical constants, >Logical connectives, >Sign, >Symbol.
I 258
Conjunction/Sentence/Frege: "P u Q" is a phrase that is different from "p" and "q" individually.
Mill: ditto: otherwise "a group of horses" would be the same as "a kind of horse" - but not: E.g. "Jim is convinced and his wife is unfaithful".
Solution: "the fact that ..." is always to be split into a pair of statements.
I 291
Sentence/GeachVsAristotle: it is a mistake to analyze complex sentences as a combination of atomic sentences.
>Atomic sentence, >Complex, cf. >Compositionality.

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Gea I
P.T. Geach
Logic Matters Oxford 1972

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