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I 142
Animal/McDowell: it is not true that animals are machines. They can be resourceful, gifted, cunning, friendly, etc. They are simply not conscious of themselves.
An animal can orient itself in its surroundings without an image of itself.
The animal has to deal with a sequence of problems, but does not understand them as a sequence of problems.
    Rather proto-subjectivity than subjectivity. No "directionality to the world".
I 142
Animal/Human/Gadamer: Human: lives in the world
Animal: lives in an environment
World: created
Environment: rush of constraints.
I 142
Human/McDowell: essential: "directionality to the world".
I 144
Human/Gadamer: "free, distanced behavior". - McDowell: emancipation from constraints, reminiscences of theory.
I 145
Animal/Human/Marx: human life is nothing if it is not active. - The worker is reduced to his animal functions.
I 146
Environment/Gadamer: is essentially alien to the animal. The "rush of things coming across from the world".
World: can be owned (appropriated by language).
Environment: can only be inhabited.
I 149ff
E.g. Bat/McDowellVsNagel: Nagel Thesis: Bats have a mature subjectivity whose character is beyond the reach of our concepts. McDowellVsNagel: false image of the "non-conceptual content" we might translate into concepts. ((s) know-how)).

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McDowell I
John McDowell
Mind and World, Cambridge/MA 1996
German Edition:
Geist und Welt Frankfurt 2001

McDowell II
John McDowell
"Truth Conditions, Bivalence and Verificationism"
Truth and Meaning, G. Evans/J. McDowell,

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