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Höffe I 121
Politics/Islam/Höffe: In political thought, Islam is shaped by two different traditions, a sacred jurisprudence, the fiqh, which is based on religious dogmas, and a philosophy shaped by the Greeks, the falsafa. Both consider the holy book, the Koran (Arabic reading), to be much more than a mere religious writing.
Qur'an: Since the Qur'an does not know the New Testament's implied separation of a state, largely secular sphere from a divine, religious sphere ("Give to the emperor what is of the emperor, and to God what is of God"(1), Islam consists of a radical theocentric culture that goes right to the roots: To religious thinking here the political belongs inseparably to it, political thinking in turn is so closely connected with religious thinking that an independent, only political thinking is to a large extent foreign to Islam, as at least with Augustine also to Christianity.
Al-Farabi: Even with the probably most important political philosopher of classical Islam, al-Fārābī, the political ideal lies in a form of rule that is called "Caesaropapism" in the West, namely in a unity of secular and religious authority. >al-Farabi/Höffe.

1. Matthew 22,21

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Höffe I
Otfried Höffe
Geschichte des politischen Denkens München 2016

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