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Possibility, philosophy: something is possible if it cannot be excluded. This has to be distinguished from the concept of contingency that expresses that something could have been different.

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Robert Adams on Possibility - Dictionary of Arguments

Stalnaker I 34
Possibility/Robert Adams: Thesis: Possibility is rather holistic than atomistic in the sense that what is possible is only part of a possible totally determined world.
("Possible completely determinate world").
Stalnaker: so far, however, our reflections do not imply that any consistent set of propositions is a subset of a world history. For the following (W4) does not follow from them, but must be added as an addition:
(W4) Each consistent set is a subset of a maximum consistent set.
Possible world/proposition/reduction/Stalnaker: we have two types of reduction:
a) Reduction of possible worlds on propositions.
b) Reduction of propositions to possible worlds.
The two are not equivalent.
Of course, they differ in terms of what is to be the basic concept.
> Possible worlds/Adams, world-story theory.

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Stalnaker I
R. Stalnaker
Ways a World may be Oxford New York 2003

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