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Terminologies: here, special features of the language use of the individual authors are explained.

Annotation: The above characterizations of concepts are neither definitions nor exhausting presentations of problems related to them. Instead, they are intended to give a short introduction to the contributions below. – Lexicon of Arguments.

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Th.W. Adorno on Terminology - Dictionary of Arguments

Grenz I 14
Physiognomical: expressing
Negating: determined.
Grenz I 31
Sociology/Freud/Grenz: applied psychology
AdornoVsFreud: "Society is not directly one of human beings, but the relations between the humans have become independent and are overpowering to all individuals.
(Gesammelte Schriften Bd. 8 p. 89).
Grenz I 39
Reification/Terminology/Lukàcs/Grenz: Lukàcs familiarizes a broad public with Marx's concept of abstraction in the exchange value under the name of the reification.
Grenz I 65
Innervate/Terminology/Adorno/Grenz: innervate means to react subjectively but physically mediated on history, to perceiev the historical state of rationality and subjectivity. > Aesthetic judgments.
I 65
Constellation/Terminology/Adorno/Grenz: the historical, which is innervated, is called social or aesthetic constellation in Adorno.
Grenz I 69
Tradition/Adorno/Grenz: Tradition is what, as a seemingly natural implication of the possible, projects into the present: the "present oblivion" (Philosophie der Neuen Musik, pp. 117f).
I Grenz 129
Positivity/Terminology/Adorno: positivity is conceived as a contradiction of claim and being.
Grenz I 195
Aura/Terminology/AdornoVsBenjamin/Grenz: Benjamin's criterion for aura is modified by Adorno. Not the immediate certainty of the authenticity of a single given but its content should make up the aura of a work. This is an extension of the concept. It is necessary because the concept of the subject which produces the real is inscribed in the concept of authenticity.
XII 118
World view/Adorno: ideas of the essence and of the connection of things, which measure themselves with the subjective need for unity, after explanation. In other words, the opinion raised to the system.
XII 119
While Kant never speaks of "my philosophy", this is done by Fichte, Schopenhauer, and, of course, Nietzsche.

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