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Truth makers, philosophy: Some theories assume that, in the case of true statements, there must be something that is the reason why they are true, the so-called truth makers. Opponents of the truth maker theories represent the view that these truth makers are ultimately a repetition of the description of a state of affairs in other words, whereby a description cannot be made true by another description. One problem is the specification of truth makers when it comes to statements about non-existence. See also reason, justification, truth, facts, universals, natural laws, negation, causality, causal theory, causal explanation, ontology, non-existence, non-factualism.

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Berka I 18/19
Making true/Thruthmaker/premises/consequences/conclusions/Bolzano: The assumption that all the representations that make the sentencecs A, B, C ... (premises) true in the place of i, j, ..., also make the conclusions M, N, O ... true, does not even presuppose that this must be the other way round.
Derivability/Bolzano: is not symmetrical.

N.B.: the premises do not make the conclusions true, but there is a third, the ideas which make the conclusions true and also the premises.
For example, a pair of ideas that makes true, for example, "all a are b" also makes true at the same time: "some a are b" but not vice versa.(1)

1. B. Bolzano, Wissenschaftslehre, Sulzbach 1837 (gekürzter Nachdruck aus Bd. II S. 113-115, S. 191 – 193; § 155; §162)

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Berka I
Karel Berka
Lothar Kreiser
Logik Texte Berlin 1983

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