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Skepticism: is an expression for the more or less well-formulated view that perceptual subjects cannot in principle have any security with regard to their knowledge about the external world. The doubts about the reliability of the sensory organs can be extended to doubts about the existence of an external world, if the possibility of a fundamental deception, for example by a permanent dream, is accepted. See also verification, evidence, perception, certainty, Moore's hands, solipsism.
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R. Descartes on Skepticism - Dictionary of Arguments

Stroud I 4
Descartes/Skepticism/Knowledge/Stroud: Descartes wants to establish principles, a general method for the investigation of our knowledge. >Principles
, >Knowledge.
1) Meditation: in the end, Descartes finds that there is no reason to believe anything about the world around him.
Stroud I 16
Senses/Knowledge/Descartes: E.g. if he knows that he is sitting at the fireplace, he thinks that he knows it due to his senses. >Perception, >Sensory impressions.
But he also knows that it is compatible with the fact that he is only dreaming.
VsDescartes: If we allow a dreaming person to know something (e.g. mathematics, mathematical truths), does this not show that Descartes is wrong with his skepticism?
VsVs: This is not shown with that.
Stroud I 37
Descartes/Stroud: From the beginning, his skepticism was directed against everyday knowledge. >Certainty.

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Stroud I
B. Stroud
The Significance of philosophical scepticism Oxford 1984

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