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Possible World: entity that can be quantified over. There ist a dispute over the question whether possible worlds exist or are only assumed for purposes of proofs of completeness. See also actual world, modal logic, modal realism, realism, actualism, possibility, possibilia, quantification.
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Jaakko Hintikka on Possible Worlds - Dictionary of Arguments

II 74
Possible Worlds/VsSemantics of Possible Worlds/Hintikka: problem: possible worlds seem to take the worlds and complete sets of possibilia as self-evident.
Possible Worlds/Leibniz: thesis: there is a determined set of worlds among which God makes a selection.
>Possible worlds/Leibniz
HintikkaVsLeibniz: that is extremely doubtful.
Possible Worlds/Hintikka: we should rather call it world stories or scenarios.
II 75
We can limit the set of worlds to those that are conceivable.
Semantics of Possible Worlds/Hintikka: one can build a theory of questions and answers on the semantics of possible worlds.
>Questions/Hintikka, >Answers/Hintikka.
II 76
This is about what is possible in more than one world. For this, we must assume much more than is assumed in an extensional language.
Reference/semantics of possible worlds: here it is not enough to accept only the referents which have our expressions in the actual world.
II 196
Possible World/individual area/HintikkaVsKripke: one should not demand that the individuals must remain the same when changing from world to world. The talk of worlds is empty, if there are no possible experiences that could make them different.
Possible Worlds/Hintikka: possible worlds should be best determined as by the connected possible totals of experience.
And then separation cannot be ruled out.
>Cross world identity, >Centered worlds.

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Hintikka I
Jaakko Hintikka
Merrill B. Hintikka
Investigating Wittgenstein
German Edition:
Untersuchungen zu Wittgenstein Frankfurt 1996

Hintikka II
Jaakko Hintikka
Merrill B. Hintikka
The Logic of Epistemology and the Epistemology of Logic Dordrecht 1989

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