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Consciousness, philosophy: consciousness ist the experience of differences along with a knowledge about alternatives as opposed to purely automatic responses. See also Intentionality, Identity theory, Other minds, Self-consciousness.
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William James on Consciousness - Dictionary of Arguments

Diaz-Bone I 38
Consciousness/James: consciousness is a real execution of transcending psychic acts. Consciousness has no other being, there is no reality behind consciousness. The simplest would be to say "it thinks" as we say "it rains". Since we cannot do this, we have to say that "consciousness events takes place". >Process
1. Every state of consciousness always appears as a personal consciousness.
2. Consciousness is procedural.
3. It is continuum, which cannot be experienced in sections, changes are never abrupt.
4. Consciousness is selective
5. It is always concerned with objects.
Consciousness thus represents a stream of consciousness with its own reality.
The logical links "and", "or", "if" are part of the immediate consciousness, and not of the conceptual reason based on it. >Connectives, >Logical Particles, >Logical Constants.
I 61
Consciousness/James: consciousness is not an entity but a function.
I 107
Consciousness flow: consciousness flow integrates psyche and physique and overcomes >dualism.

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James I
R. Diaz-Bone/K. Schubert
William James zur Einführung Hamburg 1996

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