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G.W. Leibniz on Thinking - Dictionary of Arguments

Holz I 41
Thinking/Leibniz: the contents are ultimately determined by definitions and axioms.
Holz I 69
Thinking/Leibniz: means to think of relationships and connections.
Definition "Golden Chain" of the connections/Holz: metaphor of the baroque. "Aura catena": if one is defined by its relation to another, then the totality of the elements is the reason of this one.
Chain/Leibniz: more than temporal: one is respectively more determined by its closer neighbor.
Sufficient reason/Leibniz: something can be adequately substantiated by its connection with its nearest neighbor, but not completely.
I 70
Complete justification/reason/determination/Leibniz: is only possible through the whole chain. (Infinite, only to be seen by God).
The individual terms would have to be given by identical sentences.
Holz I 77
Unity/multiplicity/Leibniz: now the multiplicity of the world (manifoldness of perceptions) is given empirically.
Axiom: Variety principle: "I perceive different things" (varia a me percipiuntur). This is undoubtedly by direct intuition. This is not provable as empiricism, but it is also not a burden of proof, since it is directly given. (> Given).
From this it follows that if the being of the world as a whole is necessary, "every contingent is necessary in a certain way."
Holz: necessity is thus overlapping over contingency.
I 78
Principle of Variety/Principles/Thinking/Leibniz: the formal principle of thinking is based on the principle of variety.
((s) Because you cannot think of a single thing without relation to anything else.)
Double movement/ascent/descent/Leibniz/Holz: from the certainty of the perceived multiplicity, one can now ascend to the infinitesimal boundary concept "all beings at the same time".

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Lei II
G. W. Leibniz
Philosophical Texts (Oxford Philosophical Texts) Oxford 1998

Holz I
Hans Heinz Holz
Leibniz Frankfurt 1992

Holz II
Hans Heinz Holz
Descartes Frankfurt/M. 1994

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