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Life: Life is the state of being characterized by growth, metabolism, homeostasis, adaptation, reproduction, and response to stimuli. Living organisms are made up of cells, which are the basic units of life.
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John Stuart Mill on Life - Dictionary of Arguments

Singer I 92
Life/Intelligence/Value/Mill: no intelligent human being would want to swap with an animal, not even if it could swap satisfaction for it: no intelligent and sentient person would swap with a non-sensory and empty-headed human being. It is better to be a dissatisfied Socrates than a happy pig.
The reason is that further developed people are able to see both sides.
VsMill/Peter Singer: many critics have questioned this: does Socrates really know what it is like to be an idiot? ((s) See bat example
; Literature: Th. Nagel (1974), What is it like to be a bat? in: Philosophical Review 83 (October). 435-50).
Can a wise human being experience the simple pleasures of an uneducated human?
UtilitarianismVsMill/P. Singer: Mill's point of view is difficult to reconcile with hedonistic utilitarianism: the idiot is satisfied, Socrates is not.
>Utilitarism, >Hedonism.
I 93
Preference Utilitarianism: whether it can be reconciled with Mill's view depends on how different preferences are weighed against each other.

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