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Actions, philosophy: Actions are conscious or unconscious human actions as opposed to physical events. The action can take place against the will of the agent, but only if the opposed will is not strong enough to prevent the execution entirely.

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Marvin Minsky on Actions - Dictionary of Arguments

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Actions/cross-exclusion/Artificial Intelligence/Minsky: if several urgent needs occur at once, there must be a way to select one of them. (…) cross-exclusion, (…) appears in many portions of the brain. In such a system, each member of a group of agents is wired to send inhibitory signals to all the other agents of that group. >Software-Agents/Minsky, >Society of Minds/Minsky.
Cross-exclusion arrangements could provide a basis for the principle of noncompromise in regions of the brain where competitive mental agents lie close together. Cross-exclusion groups can also be used to construct short-term memory-units. Whenever we force one agent of such a group into activity, even for a moment, it will remain active (and the others will remain suppressed) until the situation is changed by some other strong external influence. Weaker external signals will have scarcely any effect at all because of resistance from within. Why call this a short-term memory if it can persist indefinitely? Because when it does get changed, no trace will remain of its previous state. >Motivation/Minsky.

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Minsky I
Marvin Minsky
The Society of Mind New York 1985

Minsky II
Marvin Minsky
Semantic Information Processing Cambridge, MA 2003

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