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Circumstances, philosophy: the concept of circumstances is relevant in the context of observations which are intended to confirm or disprove a hypothesis within an assumed theory. What belongs to the relevant circumstances is determined by the theory. See also situations, states, conditions, theories, ceteris paribus, experiments, observation, theoretical terms, theoretical entities, relevance, significance.

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Marvin Minsky on Circumstances - Dictionary of Arguments

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Circumstances/descriptions/use/Artificial Intelligence/Minsky: Until we learn to make old descriptions fit new circumstances, our old knowledge can be applied only to the circumstances in which it was learned. And that would scarcely ever work, since circumstances never repeat themselves perfectly. ((s) Cf. >Context/Philosophical theories, >Use Theory/Philosophical Theories.)
At first it may seem simpler to accumulate examples than to find more uniform ways to represent them. Problem: (…) later there's a price to pay for this: when we try to reason about things, accumulations can be nuisances — because then we'll be forced to find a different argument or explanation to justify each separate example. Most likely, different parts of our brains have evolved to use both kinds of strategies. Accumulations need not take longer to manipulate if all the examples can be handled at the same time, by separate agents that don't interfere with one another.

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Minsky I
Marvin Minsky
The Society of Mind New York 1985

Minsky II
Marvin Minsky
Semantic Information Processing Cambridge, MA 2003

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