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Objects (materal things): Material things are objects that exist in the physical world. They are made up of matter and have spatial and temporal properties. Material things are often contrasted with immaterial things, such as minds and spirits. See also Space, Space time, Matter, Individuation, Identification, Reference, Singular terms, General terms.
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Friedrich Nietzsche on Objects (Material Things) - Dictionary of Arguments

Danto III 93
Object/Nietzsche/Danto: for Nietzsche, no difference determined by us - not even the simplest distinction between two objects - has even the slightest basis in reality, because the concept of representationalism is in itself a fiction.
, >World/Thinking/Nietzsche, >Consciousness/Nietzsche.
Nietzsche always gives his answer in terms of psychology; and indeed, for him, every problem was reduced to a psychological problem.
Danto III 264
Object/thing/Nietzsche/Danto: Nietzsche does not think in terms of things, but of dynamic quanta. In his bequest(1) Nietzsche makes the argument that an object is merely the sum of 'his' effects, so that as soon as we exclude the effects, in order to separate the thing from what it 'really' is, we have nothing left.
Danto: There is therefore no thing, there are only a number of effects, and therefore the 'thing in itself' is an empty word.
>Effect/Nietzsche, >Cause/Nietzsche, >Experience/Nietzsche.

1. F. Nietzsche, Nachlass, Berlin 1999, S. 502

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