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Particularization: the conclusion on the existence of an object from the antecedent or from the premise of a predicate-logically formulated statement. The reverse is the generalization.
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Frank Plumpton Ramsey on Particularization - Dictionary of Arguments

III 71
Particularization/Ramsey: instead of "what he said is true": E.g. "things that were viewed as standing in a certain relation actually stand in this relation". - ((s) But that s still in general.)
>"Everything he said is true"
N.B.: then we can do without "true". - ((s) > Quine: Truth is used for generalization.)
Problem/Ramsey: that will not do so in everyday language.
>Everyday language
Solution/Ramsey: we need a pro sentence (where else is a pronoun used).
>Propositional theory.
Pro sentence in everyday language: "Yes", "No".

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Ramsey I
F. P. Ramsey
The Foundations of Mathematics and Other Logical Essays 2013

Ramsey II
Frank P. Ramsey
A contribution to the theory of taxation 1927

Ramsey III
Frank P. Ramsey
"The Nature of Truth", Episteme 16 (1991) pp. 6-16
Theories of Truth, Paul Horwich, Aldershot 1994

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