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Assertibility conditions: consist in the availability of linguistic means of expression, the state of theories and the existence of certain views of the speaker.

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Scott Soames on Assertibility Conditions - Dictionary of Arguments

I 468
T-Def/Logical Constants/Tarski/Soames: Tarski himself said that his concept of truth cannot be used to give the meanings of the logical constants.
>Logical constants, >Meaning, >Tarski scheme, >Truth theory, >Truth definition.
Circumstances: the T-Definition says nothing about the assertibility conditions under which a sentence can be claimed.
>Assertions, >Assertibility, >Sentences, >Circumstances.

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Soames I
Scott Soames
"What is a Theory of Truth?", The Journal of Philosophy 81 (1984), pp. 411-29
Theories of Truth, Paul Horwich, Aldershot 1994

Soames II
S. Soames
Understanding Truth Oxford 1999

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