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Progress: Progress is the forward movement towards a desired goal. It can be measured through technological advancement, social change, or personal development. See also Process, Change, Measurements, Learning, Stages of development.
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Th.W. Adorno on Progress - Dictionary of Arguments

I Grenz 110
Progress/Time nucleus/Difference/History/Adorno/Grenz: the dynamics of progress in the techniques of reigning nature is preserved in every product of human labor. This is the concrete historical character of the self-realization of mankind: the time nucleus in the being.
, >Historiography, >Time.
Through it, the category of possibility also gains its own. Its truth or its character as a criterion is their difference from itself: it as non-appearing.
>Dialectic/Adorno, >Truth/Adorno, >Truth content/Adorno, >Criteria.
Grenz I 111
Nothing/Adorno/Grenz: But the certain nothing that it brings forth is not something. It is of a different quality than what it analyzes.
I Grenz 165
Progress/Adorno/Grenz: all the achievements of humans (...) are nothing in the sense of an emphatic concept of anthropogenesis, because, as Adorno argues, from the barbaric processes in the concentration camps, under the prerequisite of the theory of the retroactive force of history and knowledge - they have not appeared.
I Grenz 77
Novelty/Adorno/Grenz: Adorno sees the new as a synthesis from the existing and its negativity.

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