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Hacking I 212
Lakatos: you should read all the texts you can get hold of. Hacking and FeyerabendVsLakatos: this is an elitist demand!
HackingVsCoherence theory: you can always fiddle the data situation! One can conclude that something is not an example! This does not mean that you are lying!
But that withdraws the basics from Lakatos's historical analysis!
According to Lakatos, we cannot rely on any other standards than the cognitive history as it is present.
FeyerabendVsLakatos: elitist. Rationality is simply defined by what is approved by a community. (Here, however, only the last 200 years).
I 215
Lakatos/Hacking: has attempted to characterize certain objective values of science without reference to copy theories of truth. (Increase in knowledge).

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Laka I
I. Lakatos
The Methodology of Scientific Research Programmes: Volume 1: Philosophical Papers (Philosophical Papers (Cambridge)) Cambridge 1980

Hacking I
I. Hacking
Representing and Intervening. Introductory Topics in the Philosophy of Natural Science, Cambridge/New York/Oakleigh 1983
German Edition:
Einführung in die Philosophie der Naturwissenschaften Stuttgart 1996

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