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Copenhagen interpretation: The Copenhagen interpretation is a way of understanding quantum mechanics that emphasizes the role of observation and the uncertainty principle. It states that quantum systems do not have a definite state until they are observed. See also Quantum Mechanics, Uncertainty Principle, Observation.<
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Hennig Genz on Copenhagen Interpretation - Dictionary of Arguments

II 116
Copenhagen interpretation/Bohr/Genz: the Copenhagen interpretation was an interpretation not as a physical, but as a logical theory.
Thesis: no object can have a certain location and speed at the same time.
>Quantum meachanics
, >Uncertainty principle.
II 117
Einstein, Podolsky, Rosen/EPR/EPRVsQuantum Mechanics/Genz: it is possible to determine both the location and the speed.
Genz: today VsEPR: the EPR was refuted by Bell.
>Bell's inequality.
EPR: supplementation of the microscope with a thought device which, at any distance from the device, determines location and speed individually and independently of each other, so to speak, by remote investigation using quantum mechanics.
Reality/EPR/Genz: thesis: if one can predict the value of a physical quantity without disturbing the observed system, then an element exists in reality that corresponds to this quantity.
>Measurements, >Predictions.
GenzVs: it turned out that this is not the case.

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Gz I
H. Genz
Gedankenexperimente Weinheim 1999

Henning Genz
Wie die Naturgesetze Wirklichkeit schaffen. Über Physik und Realität München 2002

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