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Peter van Inwagen on Modal Realism - Dictionary of Arguments

Schwarz I 42
Van InwagenVsModal Realism/InwagenVsLewis: "concretism", Stalnaker: "extreme modal realism".
>Possibility, >Possible worlds, >Possibilia, >Modalities.
Schwarz I 64
Modal Realism/possible worlds/VsLewis/Schwarz: some: Lewis' possible worlds would have to be part of reality because "actuality", "world" and "reality" are synonymous terms for the totality of all things, (Plantinga 1976(1), 256f Lycan 1979(2), 290): the idea of real things outside the world is simply inconsistent.
Reality/world/LewisVsVs: Lewis distinguishes between world and reality: "actual world" means only a small part of all things (reality includes world, world is only part of reality). This resolves the contradictions.
Schwarz: this is a neutral formulation of modal realism. Question: what does the reality of space-time maximal objects deal with modality?
Modality/van InwagenVsLewis/Schwarz: here it is about how our world could have been, not about how any of us isolated things are. (1985(3), 119,1986(4), 226), Plantinga 1987(5)).
LewisVsVs: modal operators are just quantifiers about such things.
>Modal operators.
Van InwagenVsLewis: the objection goes deeper: e.g. there are exactly 183 space-time maximal objects. This is not analytically wrong. There is also no rigid designator.
>Rigid designator.
Schwarz I 65
It could be true or not. Lewis appears to assert that there are as many space-time objects as there are sets.
VsLewis: thus the totality of the worlds has become contingent!

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Inwagen I
Peter van Inwagen
Metaphysics Fourth Edition

Schw I
W. Schwarz
David Lewis Bielefeld 2005

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