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Simulacrum: For Baudrillard, a simulacrum is a copy without an original. It is a sign that refers to nothing but itself. Baudrillard argues that we live in a world of simulacra, where images and representations have replaced reality. See also World, Reality, Fiction, Pictures, Signs, Imagination, Knowledge, Certainty.
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Jean Baudrillard on Simulacrum - Dictionary of Arguments

Blask I 26
Simulacra = are artificial worlds of signs.

Baudrillard: Order of the Simulacra:
1st order: (Renaissance) Imitation, pretense, automat
2nd order: (industrial revolution) production/reproduction, robot
3rd order: (Present) There is random permutation. Negation is integrated. There is total relativity. There is no choice. All answers are already there.
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Def Simulation/Baudrillard: simulation is that irresistible process, in which things are linked together as if they had a meaning. It eliminates the principle of truth and thus the semantic equivalence between the signifier and the signified.
, >Robots, >Truth, >Synonymy, >Sign, >Symbol, >Renaissance, >Relativism.

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Baud I
J. Baudrillard
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Baud II
Jean Baudrillard
Symbolic Exchange and Death, London 1993
German Edition:
Der symbolische Tausch und der Tod Berlin 2009

Blask I
Falko Blask
Jean Baudrillard zur Einführung Hamburg 2013

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