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Truth Content, philosophy: the term truth content is applied in philosophy to a pragmatic concept of truth that understands truth as something to be realized and not as a conformance of a statement with a fact. It is therefore not asked here how much of a report is true, but what in the present states already points to an improvement to be strived for in the future. Adorno uses the term in a central place of his aesthetics. See also correspondence theory, pragmatism, negation, aesthetics, art, artworks.
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Th.W. Adorno on Truth Content - Dictionary of Arguments

Gabriele Röttger-Denker Barthes zur Einführung Hamburg 1989

Röttger-Denker I 65
Truth content/Adorno: the truth content of a work of art is measured by its enigmatic character. "The enigmatic of the works of art is their state of being broken-off."(1)
, >Artworks/Adorno.

1. Th. W. Adorno. Ästhetische Theorie. In: Gesammelte Schriften 7, Rolf Tiedemann (Hg.), Frankfurt/M: Suhrkamp. 1970.
- - -
Grenz I 71
Truth content/Adorno/Grenz: The truth content is an analogue for the real concept of truth. Truth is transient, it can become untruth.
The content of truth is the infinitesimal rest of the positivity of history, inseparably connected with the historical hour in which real negativity and potential positivity were related to each other, as the work shows it.
>History/Adorno, >Negation/Adorno.

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