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Art: according to the traditional conception, art is a social sphere that is not directly focused on the maintenance of life functions. For this reason it opens up a certain freedom and possibility of knowledge. In the modern age, the idea of the evading of art has evolved in the face of a widespread through-organization of more and more areas of life. This development can lead to an ever-barred understanding ("hermetics"). See also aesthetics, works of art, critique, society, history, enlightenment, recognition.
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Th.W. Adorno on Art - Dictionary of Arguments

Grenz I 49
Art/Adorno: "Art is infinitely difficult, too, in the fact that it must transcend its concept [...] but that it adapts itself to the reification in which it is similar to realities, against which it protests ... (Ästhetische Theorie, p. 159).
Art/Sense/Adorno: The abandonment of art to the category of meaning drives it into the arms of positivism (it is still a synonym for assimilated consciousness). (Ästhetische Theorie(1), p. 231).
>Abstract Art
, >Sense.
Grenz I 104
Art/HabermasVsAdorno: Adorno's theory of the autonomy of art, which he sees represented in hermetic art, is a 'defensive' theory.(2)
Grenz I 108
Abstract/art/Adorno/Grenz: the abstractness of the reference of the works of art to the psychological nominalism, existing before them, on which Adorno insists, are the consequences of the theorem of the ahistorical-ness of the ideological superstructure.
Grenz I 186
Art/Adorno/Grenz: Adorno separates between the social content of the works of art and their monolithically-viewd suchness.
>Truth/Adorno, >Truth content/Adorno.
AdornoVs aesthetics of experience: Adorno adheres to the objectification character of the works of art.
I 187
Either a work of art is communicative, but then it is at the same time, 'crude propaganda', or it is true as a critique of the communication system. But then it is socially ineffective.
>Communication media.
I 188
Art/Adorno: art is a practice as "formation of consciousness" (Ästhetische Theorie(1), p. 361).

1. Th. W. Adorno. Ästhetische Theorie. In: Gesammelte Schriften 7, Rolf Tiedemann (Hg.), Frankfurt/M: Suhrkamp. 1970.
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