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Physis: in ancient Greek, physis is an expression for nature or natural quality, or for objects that are not created by humans.

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Ancient Philosophy on Physis - Dictionary of Arguments

Taureck I 29
Physis/Antiquity/Taureck: physis is often translated with "nature". "Phyestai": grow. But it was not understood in the sense of "nascent nature" in early Greek thinkers.
In this meaning it was only understood in Plato and Aristotle.
Before the Sophists: Heraclitus: "The physics loves to conceal itself".
I 30
This corresponds more to the notion of "true quality". In Heraclitus there is also no opposition between Logos and Physis.
For the contrast to the "actual quality" can only be "appearance".
Physis/Sophists: physis in the sophists has an entirely different meaning: Physis is here the opposite of Nomos: Law of Nature.

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Ancient Philosophy
Taureck I
B. H.F. Taureck
Die Sophisten Hamburg 1995

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