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Antiphon the Sophist on Laws - Dictionary of Arguments

Taureck I 59
Law/Antiphon/Sophist/Taureck: (fragment discovered in 1915): Justice:
Laws: laws are arbitrary and hostile to nature.
Nature: nature is necessary.
I 61
To those who adopt the laws, the justice does not come sufficiently to their aid. At first it lets the sufferings of the sufferer and the deed of the perpetrator happen quietly. In court, the sufferer does not have any advantage. He must be as convincing as the perpetrator. He first wants to gain the ability to win the process. The same means remain the perpetrator.
All considerations of Antiphon are guided by the utility.
I 63
Antiphone denies the benefit of compliance of state laws. But he does not call for "exit" from the state. He is against anarchy and for an equality of people. "We all breathe through mouth and nose". Education and discipline are desirable.
I 65
Translation: "if" can be translated with "because", a meaning change follows.

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Antiphon the Sophist
Taureck I
B. H.F. Taureck
Die Sophisten Hamburg 1995

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