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Justice: Justice can be understood as the fair and impartial treatment of all people. It is often associated with the law. Some key elements are fairnes, equality, proportionality, accountability. See also Law, Rights, Equality, Impartiality.
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Friedrich Nietzsche on Justice - Dictionary of Arguments

Höffe I 379
Justice/Nietzsche/Höffe: For a virtue as traditional as justice, one might expect from Nietzsche, the moral critic and enlightener, that he either directly rejects it or exposes it as an illusion, for example, as only apparent impartiality that in reality serves the interests of the rich or powerful. The opposite is the case.
Justice/Dühring: Thesis: (...) the philosopher, natural scientist and economic theorist Karl Eugen Dühring, derives justice from an emotional prejudice, the resentment of the weak.
NietzscheVsDühring: Nietzsche vehemently contradicts this. On the contrary, he says, it is the powerful who, by institutionalizing law and justice, put a stop to the "excesses of reactive pathos".
Genalogy of morals (1): "If even under the onslaught of personal injury, mockery, and suspicion I do not cloud the high, clear, equally deep as mild-looking objectivity of the just, the judging eye, well, that is a piece of perfection and supreme mastery on earth".

1. F. Nietzsche, Genealogie der Moral, 2. Abhandlung, Nr. 1
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Ries II 52
Justice/NietzscheVsSocrates/Socratic virtues/Nietzsche: Wisdom, temperance, justice, bravery: all of their origins are animalistic. The practices demanded of a refined society: avoiding the ridiculous, the conspicuous, the arrogant, the presumptuous, the assimilating, the reducing, finding everything down to the animal kingdom.

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Friedrich Nietzsche
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F. Nietzsche
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Höffe I
Otfried Höffe
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Ries II
Wiebrecht Ries
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