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Emergence: emergence is an expression for the appearance of new properties in a composition of elements that these elements do not have in themselves. In the philosophy of mind there is, for example, the view that the mind emerges from the brain. Opposite positions argue that the properties in question can be explained by a more detailed description of the interplay of the elements on the lower level and thus already exist. See also consciousness, identity theory, materialism, physicalism, self-organization, systems.

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I 129
Emergence/Consciousness/Chalmers: it is sometimes asked why I do not assume that consciousness emerges from physical facts.
ChalmersVsEmergence: the well-known examples of emergence, e.g. Self-organization in biological systems or patterns in bird flocks are not analogous to consciousness.
Consciousness: should be emergent in a much stronger sense. E.g. Broad 1925 (1):
Emergence/Broad: According to his thesis, emergent properties are not even predictable from all known physical properties of a more basic level.
ChalmersVsBroad: this is a strong variant of the property dualism.
I 130
It would require additional fundamental laws.

1. C. D. Broad, Mind and Its Place in Natur, London 1925

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Cha I
D. Chalmers
The Conscious Mind Oxford New York 1996

Cha II
D. Chalmers
Constructing the World Oxford 2014

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