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Transitivity: here, we are concerned with the property of relations to be able to continue in the sense that if an a is in relation to a b and b is in relation to a c then a is in the same relation to c. Transitivity in sets means that an element of a subset is at the same time an element of the set containing this subset, or a subset M1 of a subset M2 is also a subset of the M2 containing set M3. See also relations.

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G��rdenfors on Transitivity - Dictionary of Arguments

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Transitivity/Keenan/Gärdenfors: Keenan (1984, p. 203)(1): notes that many transitive verbs require special types of patiens (patiens, objects), e.g. "to peel" requires objects with a special surface, "spill" requires liquids or relatively fine granules. In contrast, there are no verbs that limit the nature of the agents in a similar way.

1. Keenan, E. J. (1984). Semantic correlates of the ergative/absolutive distinction. Linguistics, 22, 197–223.

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P. Gärdenfors
The Geometry of Meaning Cambridge 2014

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