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Weizenbaum I 177
Thinking/Human/H. A. Simon: (H. A. Simon, The Sciences and the Artificial, Cambridge, 1969, p. 52f):
From the experimental evidence (when solving clad arithmetic problems, the acquisition of concepts, memory performances, processing visual stimuli and solving tasks using natural languages) generalisations about human thinking can be deduced. These are simple processes.... only human pride can claim that the obvious complexity of human behaviour has a completely different cause than that of the ant.
I 178
WeizenbaumVsSimon, H. A.: Simon's hypothesis was that the inner environment of the human being (his organism) was irrelevant for his behaviour. However, the examples are not suitable for the methods of investigating human individuals as they have been developed in the psychological laboratories.

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psySimn II
Herbert A. Simon
Models of Thought New Haven 1979

Simon I
Herbert A. Simon
The Sciences of the Artificial Cambridge, MA 1970

Weizenbaum I
Joseph Weizenbaum
Computer Power and Human Reason. From Judgment to Calculation, W. H. Freeman & Comp. 1976
German Edition:
Die Macht der Computer und die Ohnmacht der Vernunft Frankfurt/M. 1978

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