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System theory: System theory is an interdisciplinary framework that studies the interactions and relationships between components within a complex whole. It examines how parts work together, aiming to understand the behavior, structure, and dynamics of various systems in nature, society, and organizations. See also Systems, N. Luhmann, T. Parsons, Environment, Encoding, Double Contingency, Communication Media, Structural coupling.
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Jürgen Habermas on System Theory - Dictionary of Arguments

IV 229
System theory/HabermasVsSystem theory: for methodological reasons, a system theory of society cannot be self-sufficient. The obstinate structures of the lifeworld require a communication theoretical approach that takes up the pre-theoretical knowledge of relatives.
, >Method, >Self-reference.
Furthermore, the objective conditions under which the system-theoretical objectification of the lifeworld becomes necessary, came into being in the course of social evolution.
IV 230
Their explanation cannot therefore lie within systems theory.
>Lifeworld/Habermas, >Explanations.

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Ha I
J. Habermas
Der philosophische Diskurs der Moderne Frankfurt 1988

Jürgen Habermas
Theorie des kommunikativen Handelns Bd. I Frankfurt/M. 1981

Jürgen Habermas
Theorie des kommunikativen Handelns Bd. II Frankfurt/M. 1981

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