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Method: a method is a procedure agreed on by participants of a discussion or research project. In the case of violations of a method, the comparability of the results is in particular questioned, since these no longer come from a set with uniformly defined properties of the elements.

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Wilhelm Dilthey on Method - Dictionary of Arguments

Gadamer I 13
Method/Dilthey/Gadamer: Dilthey [refers to] the independence of the methods of the humanities and [justifies] them by the consideration of their object(1).
Gadamer: Such a vocation sounds well Aristotelian at first and could be a real replacement of
to the scientific model. But now Dilthey nevertheless refers for this independence of the methods of the humanities to the old Baconian "Natura parendo vincitur"(2) - a principle that almost hits the face of the classical-romantic heritage that Dilthey wants to administer.
GadamerVsDilthey: So it has to be said that even Dilthey, whose historical education constitutes his superiority over contemporary Neo-Kantianism, in his logical endeavours has basically not gone far beyond the simple statements >Helmholtz made. No matter how much Dilthey may have championed the epistemological independence of the humanities - what is called method in modern science is one and the same everywhere and is only particularly exemplary in the natural sciences.
Method/GadamerVsDilthey: There is no separate method in the humanities. However, with Helmholtz one can ask how much method means here, and whether the other conditions under which the humanities operate are not perhaps much more important for their way of working than inductive logic.

1. W. Dilthey, Gesammelte Schriften Bd. I. S. 4
2. Ebenda, S. 20

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Dilth I
W. Dilthey
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Gadamer I
Hans-Georg Gadamer
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Gadamer II
H. G. Gadamer
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German Edition:
Die Aktualität des Schönen: Kunst als Spiel, Symbol und Fest Stuttgart 1977

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