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Wright I 28
Teleology/Balance/Homeostasis/Feedback/Cybernetics/Naqel/Braithwaite/Wright, G. H.: Example: Regulation of the temperature of a system by a thermostat. In this case, the rise or fall of the temperature is considered to be a "defect" or "correction" of a subsystem. The effect factor of the second system gives the effect of the cause factor of the first system an "appearance of teleology". However, both systems work according to causal laws.
Rosenblueth/Wiener/Bigelow: Thesis: Purposefulness can generally be explained with the help of such a chain of causal systems.
Wright I 29
Braithwaite: (R. B. Braithwaite, Scientific Explanation, Cambridge, 1953 Chapter X): Thesis: Teleological explanations, both of intentional target-oriented activities and of target-oriented behaviour in general can be reduced to (forms of) causal explanations.
Ernest Nagel: (E. Nagel, The Structure of Science, 1961, Chapter XII). More cautious than Braithwaite: Thesis: Nagel sees teleological explanations in biology as "reducible" to causal explanations. (Wright: this is a cautious reproduction of Nagel's view.

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NagE I
E. Nagel
The Structure of Science: Problems in the Logic of Scientific Explanation Cambridge, MA 1979

Nagel I
Th. Nagel
The Last Word, New York/Oxford 1997
German Edition:
Das letzte Wort Stuttgart 1999

Nagel II
Thomas Nagel
What Does It All Mean? Oxford 1987
German Edition:
Was bedeutet das alles? Stuttgart 1990

Nagel III
Thomas Nagel
The Limits of Objectivity. The Tanner Lecture on Human Values, in: The Tanner Lectures on Human Values 1980 Vol. I (ed) St. M. McMurrin, Salt Lake City 1980
German Edition:
Die Grenzen der Objektivität Stuttgart 1991

NagelEr I
Ernest Nagel
Teleology Revisited and Other Essays in the Philosophy and History of Science New York 1982

WrightCr I
Crispin Wright
Truth and Objectivity, Cambridge 1992
German Edition:
Wahrheit und Objektivität Frankfurt 2001

WrightCr II
Crispin Wright
"Language-Mastery and Sorites Paradox"
Truth and Meaning, G. Evans/J. McDowell, Oxford 1976

WrightGH I
Georg Henrik von Wright
Explanation and Understanding, New York 1971
German Edition:
Erklären und Verstehen Hamburg 2008

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