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Aristotle (384–322 BCE): Ancient Greek philosopher and polymath. Born in Stagira. Major works include "Nicomachean Ethics," "Politics," and "Metaphysics." Pioneered fields such as ethics, metaphysics, logic, and natural sciences. Student of Plato and tutor to Alexander the Great. Influential in shaping Western philosophy.

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Aristotle Actions   Actions
Aristotle Animal Language   Animal Language
Aristotle Beauty   Beauty
Aristotle Categories   Categories
Aristotle Catharsis   Catharsis
Aristotle Causality   Causality
Aristotle Change   Change
Aristotle Coercion   Coercion
Aristotle Community   Community
Aristotle Compassion   Compassion
Aristotle Concepts   Concepts
Aristotle Conjunction   Conjunction
Aristotle Constitution   Constitution
Aristotle Democracy   Democracy
Aristotle Dialectic   Dialectic
Aristotle Distributive Justice   Distributive Justice
Aristotle Division of Labour   Division of Labour
Aristotle Economy   Economy
Aristotle Equal Rights   Equal Rights
Aristotle Equality   Equality
Aristotle Equity   Equity
Aristotle Ethics   Ethics
Aristotle Eudemonia   Eudemonia
Aristotle Experience   Experience
Aristotle Explanation   Explanation
Aristotle Family   Family
Aristotle Fear   Fear
Aristotle Friendship   Friendship
Aristotle Generality   Generality
Aristotle God   God
Aristotle Good   Good
Aristotle Governance   Governance
Aristotle Human Rights   Human Rights
Aristotle Humans   Humans
Aristotle Ideas   Ideas
Aristotle Induction   Induction
Aristotle Inequalities   Inequalities
Aristotle Interpretation   Interpretation
Aristotle Judgments   Judgments
Aristotle Justice   Justice
Aristotle Knowledge   Knowledge
Aristotle Language   Language
Aristotle Language and Thought   Language and Thought
Aristotle Laws   Laws
Aristotle Life   Life
Aristotle Logos   Logos
Aristotle Mathematics   Mathematics
Aristotle Meaning   Meaning
Aristotle Metaphors   Metaphors
Aristotle Metaphysics   Metaphysics
Aristotle Mimesis   Mimesis
Aristotle Money   Money
Aristotle Morality   Morality
Aristotle Motion   Motion
Aristotle Natural Justice   Natural Justice
Aristotle Natural Laws   Natural Laws
Aristotle Natural Sciences   Natural Sciences
Aristotle Nature   Nature
Aristotle Nomos   Nomos
Aristotle Nous   Nous
Aristotle Objects (Material Things)   Objects (Material Things)
Aristotle Oikos   Oikos
Aristotle Ontology   Ontology
Aristotle Order   Order
Aristotle Ousia   Ousia
Aristotle Perception   Perception
Aristotle Persuasion   Persuasion
Aristotle Phronesis   Phronesis
Aristotle Plato   Plato
Aristotle Politics   Politics
Aristotle Possibility   Possibility
Aristotle Practical Syllogism   Practical Syllogism
Aristotle Practise   Practise
Aristotle Problems   Problems
Aristotle Proofs   Proofs
Aristotle Properties   Properties
Aristotle Property   Property
Aristotle Purposes   Purposes
Aristotle Science   Science
Aristotle Self-Knowledge   Self-Knowledge
Aristotle Self-Love   Self-Love
Aristotle Slavery   Slavery
Aristotle Social Goods   Social Goods
Aristotle Stasis   Stasis
Aristotle Subjects   Subjects
Aristotle Synthesis   Synthesis
Aristotle Techne   Techne
Aristotle Theories   Theories
Aristotle Time   Time
Aristotle Tragedy   Tragedy
Aristotle Tyranny   Tyranny
Aristotle Unity   Unity
Aristotle Universe   Universe

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