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Contract theory: Contract theory is the study of how people and organizations construct and develop legal agreements. It is based on the idea that contracts are designed to achieve efficiency by aligning the incentives of the parties involved. Contract theory is a branch of economics that studies how economic actors can and do construct contractual arrangements, generally in the presence of information asymmetry. See also Information asymmetry, Contracts.
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Buchanan, James M. Contract Theory   Buchanan, James M.
Hobbes, Thomas Contract Theory   Hobbes, Thomas
Kant, Immanuel Contract Theory   Kant, Immanuel
Nussbaum, Martha Contract Theory   Nussbaum, Martha
Rawls, John Contract Theory   Rawls, John
Sandel, Michael Contract Theory   Sandel, Michael
Singer, Peter Contract Theory   Singer, Peter
Spinoza, Baruch Contract Theory   Spinoza, Baruch

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