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Relations, philosophy: relations are that what can be discovered or produced in objects or states when compared to other objects or other states with regard to a selected property. For example, dimensional differences between objects A and B, which are placed into a linguistic order with the expression "larger" or "smaller" as a link, are determinations of relations which exist between the objects. Identity or equality is not accepted as a relation by most authors. See also space, time, order, categories, reflexivity, symmetry, transitivity.
Annotation: The above characterizations of concepts are neither definitions nor exhausting presentations of problems related to them. Instead, they are intended to give a short introduction to the contributions below. – Lexicon of Arguments.
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Armstrong, David M. Relations   Armstrong, David M.
Cresswell, Maxwell J. Relations   Cresswell, Maxwell J.
Esfeld, Michael Relations   Esfeld, Michael
Foucault, Michel Relations   Foucault, Michel
Frege, Gottlob Relations   Frege, Gottlob
Geach, Peter Relations   Geach, Peter T.
Hume, David Relations   Hume, David
Husserl, Edmund Relations   Husserl, Edmund
Kant, Immanuel Relations   Kant, Immanuel
Lewis, David K. Relations   Lewis, David K.
Locke, John Relations   Locke, John
Martin, Charles B. Relations   Martin, Charles B.
Mates, Benson Relations   Mates, Benson
Maturana, Humberto Relations   Maturana, Humberto
Millikan, Ruth Relations   Millikan, Ruth
Peirce, Charles Sanders Relations   Peirce, Charles Sanders
Prior, Arthur N. Relations   Prior, Arthur
Quine, W.V.O. Relations   Quine, Willard Van Orman
Russell, Bertrand Relations   Russell, Bertrand
Simons, Peter M. Relations   Simons, Peter M.
Waismann, Friedrich Relations   Waismann, Friedrich
Wessel, H. Relations   Wessel, H.

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