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 Utilitarianism - Philosophy Dictionary of Arguments
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Barry, Brian Utilitarianism   Barry, Brian
Bentham, Jeremy Utilitarianism   Bentham, Jeremy
Carlyle, Thomas Utilitarianism   Carlyle, Thomas
Chapman, John W. Utilitarianism   Chapman, John W.
Dworkin, Ronald Utilitarianism   Dworkin, Ronald
Gaus, Gerald F. Utilitarianism   Gaus, Gerald F.
Habermas, Jürgen Utilitarianism   Habermas, Jürgen
Hooker, Brad Utilitarianism   Hooker, Brad
Kant, Immanuel Utilitarianism   Kant, Immanuel
Lewis, David K. Utilitarianism   Lewis, David K.
Lewis, Clarence Irving Utilitarianism   Lewis, Clarence Irving
Mill, John Stuart Utilitarianism   Mill, John Stuart
Nagel, Thomas Utilitarianism   Nagel, Thomas
Parsons, Talcott Utilitarianism   Parsons, Talcott
Political Philosophy Utilitarianism   Political Philosophy
Rawls, John Utilitarianism   Rawls, John
Sen, Amartya Utilitarianism   Sen, Amartya
Sidgwick, Henry Utilitarianism   Sidgwick, Henry
Singer, Peter Utilitarianism   Singer, Peter
Smart, John J. C. Utilitarianism   Smart, John J. C.
Spencer, Herbert Utilitarianism   Spencer, Herbert

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