Dictionary of Arguments

Philosophical and Scientific Issues in Dispute


We want to establish new spreadsheets from current scientific literature and invite you to participate in this project by contributing arguments and excerpts. The new spreadsheets shall incorporate new scientific fields as well e.g.

Psychology, Economics, Law, Art Theory, Social Sciences, History, Politics, other.

We assume that the new contributions will no longer be predominantly from printed standard literature. Anyway we don’t want to show only links but short texts – arguments – which are written explicitly in the bubbles of the spreadsheets. Please write excerpts by using the form! This will help us show your contributions in the multiple dimensions.

Screenshot Outlook

1. Spreadsheets to come: New entries will be marked as „new“ for a certain period of time. These marks will be deleted in the second period.

2. Further development: in the time to come there will be marks for the number of citations (citation rate) by colors.

3. Periods: the duration of the time periods will not be fixed at the beginning, but will depend on the number of your contributions. If there are a lot of them, we will shorten the periods.

4. Contents: content won’t be deleted, whereas the marks for „new“ disappear. There might be deletion of contents if there are protests about advertising, insults or because of factual errors.

5. Please understand that we collect the contributions first up to a certain number before we create new spreadsheets. Therefore, there might be a certain time lag prior to publication.