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Epistemology Hume Vs Epistemology II 242/243
HumeVsA priori knowledge: statements about reality of sophistry that are based purely on thought. There are only purely logical a priori forms, but these are also the only sure ones. Thinking/Hume: there are two types of objects:
1. Relations of ideas (mathematics, logic): denying them would be logically contradictory, therefore, they are evident.
2. Matters of fact.
D. Hume
I Gilles Delueze David Hume, Frankfurt 1997 (Frankreich 1953,1988)
II Norbert Hoerster Hume: Existenz und Eigenschaften Gottes aus Speck(Hg) Grundprobleme der großen Philosophen der Neuzeit I Göttingen, 1997