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Life Agassiz Gould II 106
Life/Nature/Agassiz/Gould: AgassizVsEvolution: Agassiz (died 1873) maintained throughout his life that the history of life was a predetermined divine plan. (1)
Gould II 108
At that time it was believed that the depths of the oceans were a world that was always at rest without change. Selection/GouldVsAgassiz: this one has probably not understood that the theory of natural selection does not predict global and unstoppable progress, but only adaptations to local conditions.

1. Agassiz L.,

Gould I
Stephen Jay Gould
The Panda’s Thumb. More Reflections in Natural History, New York 1980
German Edition:
Der Daumen des Panda Frankfurt 2009

Gould II
Stephen Jay Gould
Hen’s Teeth and Horse’s Toes. Further Reflections in Natural History, New York 1983
German Edition:
Wie das Zebra zu seinen Streifen kommt Frankfurt 1991

Gould III
Stephen Jay Gould
Full House. The Spread of Excellence from Plato to Darwin, New York 1996
German Edition:
Illusion Fortschritt Frankfurt 2004

Gould IV
Stephen Jay Gould
The Flamingo’s Smile. Reflections in Natural History, New York 1985
German Edition:
Das Lächeln des Flamingos Basel 1989