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Various Authors Lesniewski Vs Various Authors Simons I 102
LesniewskiVsClasses/LesniewskiVsSet Theory/MereologyVsSet Theory: can be eliminated by reformulation. Instead of "a is an element of the class of bs": simply "a is a b", ontologically: "a ε b". If the term e.g. "the class of teaspoons" is not so eliminable, then it can only stand for a simple sum. But as a sum it can be described differently, especially as the sum of all objects, which consists only of teaspoons and non-detached teaspoon parts.
(> Gavagai).
N.B.: because it consists exclusively of teaspoons and their parts, (it is a fusion of the teaspoons) it contains itself as an element.

Simons I
P. Simons
Parts. A Study in Ontology Oxford New York 1987