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Governance Isocrates Höffe I 48
Governance/Rule/Isocrates/Höffe: Xenophanes' contemporary Isocrates (436-338 B.C.) praises Alexander's father, the Macedonian King Philip II, as leader of the Hellenes, i.e. not of a single city republic, but of all of Greece, and calls on the Greeks to unity. Hellenism: In Panegyrikos, a ceremonial speech, he sings a self-critical praise for Greekism, the closest to Athens as the cradle of all human culture.
Peace: In the speech of peace, Isocrates transfers the unity of the Greek cities to the unity of the citizens and in Philippos elevates the Macedonian king to the rank of a "head of unity".
IsocratesVsDemocracy: In the Areopagitikos - Athens' highest court meets on the Areopagus - he criticizes radical democracy because of its busyness.
DemosthenesVsIsocrates: >Corruption/Demosthenes.

Höffe I
Otfried Höffe
Geschichte des politischen Denkens München 2016