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Meaning Theory Schiffer I 12
Meaning theory/Schiffer: assuming compositionality, you can identify language with the system of conventions in P. - Then one has (with Davidson) the form of meaning theory. - No one has ever done this. >Compositionality, >Meaning theory/Davidson.
I 182
Truth Theory/Schiffer: a truth theory cannot be a meaning theory because its knowledge would not be sufficient for understanding the language. >Truth theory, >Understanding.
I 220
Meaning theory/Schiffer: not every language needs a correct meaning theory - because it has to do without the relation theory for belief. >Relation theory.
I 222
The relation theory for belief is wrong when languages have no compositional truth-theoretical semantics - otherwise it would be true.
I 261
Meaning/Meaning Theory/language/Schiffer: Thesis: all theories of language and thought are based on false prerequisites. Error: to think that language comprehension would be a process of inferences. Then every sentence must have a feature, and this could not merely consist in that the sentence has that and that meaning. Because that would be semantic. We need a non-semantic description.
Problem: E.g. "she gave it to him" has not even semantic properties.
E.g. "snow is white" has its semantic properties only contingently.
>Semantic properties.
I 264
SchifferVsGrice: we cannot formulate our semantic knowledge in non-semantic terms. >Intentions/Grice.
I 265
Meaning theory/meaning/SchifferVsMeaning theory: all theories have failed. Thesis: there is no meaning theory. - (This is the no-Theory-Theory of mental representation). Schiffer:Meaning is not an entity - therefore there is also no theory of this object.
I 269
Schiffer: Meaning is also determinable without meaning theory.
I 269
No-Theory-Theory of mental representation: there is no theory for intentionality, because having a concept does not mean that the quantifiable real would be entities. The scheme
"x believes y iff __"
cannot be supplemented.
The questions on our language processing are empirically, not philosophical.
>Language use, >Language behavior.

Schi I
St. Schiffer
Remnants of Meaning Cambridge 1987

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